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D&D Names Generator (PRO)

0.99 usd

This app has been developed as a tool for "Dungeons and Dragons" series players. It will help game masters / dungeon masters / storytellers and others to come up with new names. You can also use this app as a name creator for your RPGMMORPG characters.Generator result depends on three factors: race, gender and invisible dice (for random, of course). All the language rules for creation was brought from official guides. They are unique for each race.
This app has all core races (4th edition) and few additional.All names have male emale parts (prefix & suffix) and some of them also have their meanings! So, you'll know, what your characters name means to others.
Pro features:*) No ads;*) More races (24);*) Ability to copy the name (TAP);*) Unlimited number of slots at the list of names.
All the information provided by the application are bound by the terms of the Open game License of Wizards of the Coast. This license can be downloaded here: